Over 50 Years Old? Boomer Poverty Rates

Just wait until the 2022/23 when Boomer poverty rates are revealed! UGH!!! Baby Boomers are getting crushed by inflation. Many Millennials and Gen Z seem to think that Boomers have all the wealth, that we have destroyed the planet, and that our educations were achieved sans debt… “We are the scum of the earth!” NOPE! […]

Employers: 12 Benefits to Hiring Boomers

Out of the 55% of  Boomers who do, 28% have less than $100,000. 50% of Boomers are or will be, living off of their Social Security benefits. [Inflation is CRUSHING their purchasing power.]

Baby Boomer Income Ideas

You are a Boomer and proud of it!   You have knowledge and skills that are in demand. Folks worldwide are clamoring to pay you to share your expertise in accounting, knitting, taxes, lawyering, writing, boating, carpentry, teaching, management, entrepreneurship, medical, nursing, building businesses, buying businesses, selling businesses, hospitality, cooking…   You’ve invested your life in an […]